Phillippe Plans To End His 20-year Acting Career!

By on 25 April, 2011

What’s this? Ryan Phillippe thinking about quitting his acting career? After 20 years in the spotlight, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer‘ star is thinking about a change of scenery!

The 36-year-old star began acting as a teenager and found fame in 1992 playing a gay youth in American daytime drama ‘One Life To Live‘. He went on to enjoy a wonderful Hollywood career with movies including ‘Cruel Intentions‘, ‘Gosford Park‘ and the Oscar-winning drama ‘Crash‘.

In an interview with the New York Post‘s gossip columnPhillippe tells the publication that he has out-grown life in front of the camera and now intends to pursue roles behind the scenes. He also wants to move out of Los Angeles and spend more time in New York.

He says:

“I’m going to move. I’m going to spend a third of my year in New York… I think I’m going to end my acting career. I’m so introverted. I’m ready to be behind the scenes. I’m 36, but I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”

I always thought he appeared to be quite happy in front of the camera?

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