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Rowan Atkinson is closing the door on his iconic character Mr. Bean, as he believes he’s now too old to portray the accident-prone fool!


The ‘Johnny English‘ star debuted the character on U.K. TV back in 1989 and the series continued until 1995, before it was adapted into two big screen versions – ‘Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie‘ and ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday‘. But Atkinson is convinced he should say goodbye to Mr. Bean for good because as he’s not confident he’ll be able to do the role justice.

Speaking to the U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper, he says:

“I’ve got a feeling I probably won’t play the character (Mr. Bean) again. Never say never, but I just feel I’m getting too old for it.

“I’ve always liked Mr. Bean as a cartoon-like figure, who doesn’t really age much. I’ve always seen him as an ageless and timeless being and I’m clearly not ageless and timeless. The older I get, I feel I am less qualified to play him.”


You’re never too old, Rowan!




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