RUSSELL BRAND Not Enjoying Fame?

By on 22 February, 2011

British comedian Russell Brand reveals that he isn’t content, despite his marriage to Katy Perry and his global success. Why? Because he insists fame isn’t “all that good”!

The former drug addict shot into the spotlight with roles in movies such as ‘Get Him to the Greek‘, and he married pop superstar Perry in 2010. But despite his large cash flow and celebrity status, Brand admits he’s still struggling to be positive even though he’s got everything he ever craved as a young boy.

In Brand‘s latest documentary, about happiness, he says:

“I’m famous now. I didn’t used to be but, when I was younger, I always wanted to be famous. I thought it would make me happy. But now I’ve got fame and some of the things that I thought would make me happy – it ain’t worked.

“I don’t want to say, ‘Lavish sympathy upon me.’ I can imagine what people will say, ‘Wasn’t it as good as you anticipated? Was it when you were single and all the sex and the boozing that was disappointing? Or is it really starting now you are living in a mansion with three cats and Katy Perry? You have suffered.’ It’s just peculiar to me, a lad growing up in Essex, London, that I would attach such importance to becoming famous and things, and it’s not all that good.”

I find it interesting when people rush to seek fame, and then when they get there…they find being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And some might even say they can lose sight of their humble roots.

In my view money does indeed help, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it could make a person happy. Maybe in the interim, but not in the long term.

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