Sizemore Questioned About Missing Actress!

By on 13 May, 2011


Actor Tom Sizemore has reportedly been questioned by detectives searching for the missing actress, Megan Lacy Wren – according to People Magazine!


The ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ star, who lives with Ms Wren in a luxury high-rise Los Angeles apartment, has apparently been cooperative with police and is not a suspect in the missing person’s case.

The actress was last seen in the downtown area of Los Angeles on 31st March 2011. Some had labelled her as Sizemore‘s ‘girlfriend’ but the actor told a detective working on the case that the pair are just friends.


Ms Wren‘s father Bill told CBS News that his daughter had been working for the actor as his assistant, and a police statement stated that the family are:

“…very concerned about Megan’s unexplained disappearance, especially given the fact that she has a serious medical condition and is in need of medical care.”


Bill pointed out that his daughter has struggled with substance abuse in the past and was recently hospitalised with a serious staph infection. The hand-outs that police are using on the case feature several mug-shots of Megan from her prior arrests.


Sizemore, who was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend Heidi Fleiss in 2003, has been in and out of jail on various drug related convictions in recent years. He most recently appeared as a cast member on ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew‘.




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