Swinton Disagrees With Hollywood’s “Glamorous” View Of Childbirth!

By on 13 May, 2011


Quirky-but-funky British actress Tilda Swinton claims Hollywood glamorises childbirth, when in fact it is a ”violent” experience for women!


The 50-year-old actress (who has 13-year-old twins Honor and Xavier with partner John Byrne) believes there isn’t anything glamorous when a woman gives birth, and she believes it’s a “murderous business”.

She said:

“In movies, and particularly in television films, when people have babies they are sitting in a hospital room and there are flowers everywhere.

“They are made up, magically, and they have a baby in their arms and it’s all really lovely. They start getting pink baby clothes. It’s a truly, truly murderous business. It’s violent.”


The Oscar-winning actress, who portrays a mother who fails to bond with her son in forthcoming movie ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin‘, thinks women who are unable to “embrace” the nature of child birth may find themselves “up a gum tree” because of how hard it is.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival this week, she said:

“If one doesn’t embrace that [violence], if one can’t embrace it – and it’s really tough to do that – then you’re up a gum tree because it means you’re going to be cutting off a whole part of yourself.”




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