Woman Denies She Snubbed GAGA!

By on 9 February, 2011



The current occupant of Lady Gaga‘s old New York apartment has denied snubbing the singer by refusing her request to film inside the property – insisting she was feeling too ill to be caught on camera.

As part of a 60 Minutes news special, scheduled to air on Sunday 13th February 2011, the Bad Romance singer took newsman Anderson Cooper back to her old Big Apple neighbourhood, where she lived as a child. Standing outside the building with the anchor, Gaga pressed all of the buttons on the buzzer, hoping someone would let her in.

She said:

“We’re going to do it the New York way

“Someone will listen.”

Eventually they made it into the building but the owner of Gaga‘s old apartment refused to let her and Cooper in with a camera crew, so they had to stage a makeshift interview on the stairwell outside. However, Emily Ting insists it was not a snub to the star and her journo pal – she was battling a nasty bout of influenza.

Ting tells the New York Daily News:

“I had the flu. I didn’t want to have cameras inside… I love Anderson Cooper. He is very handsome. His hair is so grey and wonderful. She’s great. I’ve definitely danced to some of her songs.”

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