CHRISTIAN BALE Will Miss BATMAN’s “Cool” Suit!

By on 29 May, 2012


Christian Bale says he will miss his Batman suit, despite its heat and the headaches it caused him on set for ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘!


The Dark Knight Rises‘ actor appears as the caped crusader for the last time in the final instalment of the trilogy, and although the character’s trademark black suit was awkward to wear during filming, it has a special place in his heart.

He tells

“For all the discomfort and the heat and the sweat and the headaches and everything from it, when you sit back and watch the movie at the end of the day, you go: ‘Well, that’s f***ing cool.’

”I will miss that, it was a good bit of rubber.”


Bale‘s co-star, Anne Hathaway, who plays Batman‘s feline adversary, Catwoman, in the movie was excited when she saw the clever way they worked her character’s cat ears into the costume, as they are a pair of goggles which flip up when not used, to look like points on the top of her head.

She tells Empire magazine:

“I got chills when I saw that.

“I was so happy they had such a clever solution to a really iconic but sometimes unnecessary part of the costume.”


The Dark Knight Rises‘, which also stars Tom Hardy as Bane, will hit cinemas from July. And in-case you missed the most recent TV spot, check out the video below:





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