PAUL GASCOIGNE Denies Booze Binge Reports!

By on 29 June, 2012

Paul Gascoigne Denies Booze Binge Reports - Celebrity News, Entertainment News


Former England soccer star Paul Gascoigne has slammed reports he went on a huge booze binge in Dubai, saying the rumour is a “vicious lie”!


The Geordie footballer, who has battled serious mental health issues and drink and drug demons, was alleged to have fallen off the wagon during a trip to the United Arab Emirates earlier this month (June, 2012). He was pictured slumped in a chair and looking bleary eyed as he partied with pals, and was later said to have been seen staggering and dropping his phone at an airport after arriving back in the U.K.

Speaking to tabloid rag The Daily Mirror, Gascoigne has broken his silence to rubbish the reports, insisting he is still sober!

He says:

“I didn’t touch a drop of drink at that event. I spoke at the event and then socialised with the people who were there but I didn’t drink. Sadly, somebody has spread a vicious lie about me.

“It’s hurtful, and I’m angry about it. It means a lot to me that I am open and honest with my friends and family, and the suggestion that I haven’t been is a complete lie.”


I sure hope there’s no truth in the reports, for his sake!



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