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Robert Pattinson on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart - The Latest Entertainment News Today


Last night (13th September, 2012), Robert Pattinson made his first television appearance interview since his split from Kristen Stewart on Jon Stewart‘s ‘The Daily Show‘!


Fresh from his public separation with Kristen StewartPattinson appeared relaxed as he chatted to Jon Stewart, and managed to crack a joke about the scandal, whilst sharing a tub of Ben and Jerry‘s ice cream together.

The interview couldn’t have gone ahead without some mention of his split, despite him being there to help promote his upcoming movie ‘Cosmopolis‘. Stewart asked if he was ok, and Pattinson admitted that he regretted not hiring a publicist before the “awkward” interview.

He said:

“Normally actors get these things scripted.”


But Stewart helped to ease Pattinson‘s nerves by producing tubs of ice-cream for them both eat, and his advice to the British actor received a massive applause from the audience, saying:

“Boy, you are better off. Kick her to the curb!”


Good on you, Robert! Keep holding your head up high.




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