BERNIE NOLAN: “I Love Chemotherapy”!

By on 6 August, 2010

Uber brave cancer fighter Bernie Nolan has learned to love her chemo treatment, because the pain and subsequent hair loss means she’s winning her fight!

The Nolans star, who stunned fans with photographs of her new bald look last weekend, is optimistic about her chances of beating cancer.

The I’m in the Mood for Dancing singer said:

“I love chemo, give it to me every day – because I know it’s killing this disease.

“I was crying in pain every day, but I put up with it and stopped crying because all these side effects, like losing my hair, mean it’s working.

And the singer / actress has found another benefit of chemotherapy:

“I lost a stone in a fortnight. As a woman, that new diet plan didn’t go unnoticed …. You’ve got to laugh and remember this is all part of the treatment.”

I think she’s a great beacon of positivity and I hope she sees this fight through. Good luck, Bernie!

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