DirecTV Saves ‘DAMAGES’ From Cancellation!

By on 20 July, 2010

Legal drama series ‘Damages‘ has been granted a reprieve after a lucrative deal was sealed with DirecTV Variety reports.

The Sony Pictures TV series that ran for three seasons on FX will be moving to DirecTV’s 101 Network. The satalite channel, which has gradually been increasing the volume of the original programming on the 101 Network, has ordered two 10-episode seasons. The fourth season of ‘Damages‘ will air next summer on 101, with the fifth season launching in summer 2012.

Series stars Glenn Close and Rose Byrne have been confirmed to return, with other thesps set to sign on very soon. Each had originally signed six-year deals before the show first went on the air.

The series has been struggling to maintain its small but loyal fan base, and it came of a surprise to the FX Network when news of the show being canned was met with a considerable wave of disappointment. Ratings for the legal thriller had been very disappointing since the show’s launch on FX in 2007. But given the show’s status as a kudos magnet (Close has won the lead drama actress two years in a row) Sony made it a priority to work out a deal with DirecTV to keep the show alive.

Patty Ishimoto, VP and General Manager of Original Entertainment, told Daily Variety:
“What was important to us was that this is such a critically acclaimed series that we really felt it was the right show.

“What was most interesting to us is that we’re the exclusive broadcaster, and that makes it much less confusing for viewers. This is the only place where you can see new episodes. It was worth our while to make it work.”

Ishimoto also said a two-season deal was preferable as DirecTV didn’t want to get caught in a situation where it signed on with Sony for only one season and then had to renegotiate with both the studio and hope the actors were available.

She adds:

“We said if we’re going to do it, then let’s do it right. We didn’t want to do one season, have it work and then not be in a position to do another.”

Todd A. Kessler, ‘Damages‘ co-creator and exec producer, said the creative team is excited by the chance to produce longer episodes for the commercial-free environment of DirecTV.

“They’re encouraging us to push the envelope with language, violence and sex, and all of those things we couldn’t do on FX. It’s very exciting. There are no creative handcuffs.”

Kessler added that he hopes to reach new viewers who were not aware of the show during its run on FX:

“We were led to believe that audience awareness was historically low when the show was on FX. We completely understand why it’s not returning to FX and are appreciative for the three years there. DirecTV believes so strongly in the show. We think there is an audience who hasn’t watched it.”

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