Grammer Wants FRASIER Spin-off!

By on 31 August, 2010

Just when you thought you saw the last of hit series ‘Frasier‘, along comes Kelsey Grammer with plans to revive his most famous character for a new TV show.

The actor found fame playing the pompous psychiatrist in hit 1980s TV show ‘Cheers‘, and he went on to star in hugely successful spin-off series ‘Frasier‘.

Grammer enjoyed 20 years playing the beloved character before ‘Frasier‘ came to an end in 2004 after more than a decade on the small screen.Despite many attempts he has since failed to replicate his success and has seen a number of new shows flop including ‘Back To You‘ and ‘Hank‘, and he’s now considering bringing back the cast of ‘Frasier‘ for a “reunion show”.

The funnyman shared the idea with his followers on and also pondered plans for a ‘Frasier‘ spin-off, focusing on the characters’ children.

In a series of tweets, he writes:

“Maybe it is time for a Frasier reunion. (It’s) very interesting to say the least… maybe a Frasier reunion on like a new show seriously thinking about that!!!”

He later adds:

“I’m now really thinking maybe a spin-off of Frasier? How would u (sic) feel about that with like my son and (Frasier’s fictional brother) Niles’ sibling? Cameos by old cast?… Maybe an updated theme to be centred around social media. Now that would be powerful, include like Twitter… iPhones etc.”

While I really enjoyed the series, I’m not sure if a spin-off would be as popular. It goes without saying that this reeks of someone desperately wanting a slice of what once was. Yes, ‘Frasier‘ was a spin-off from ‘Cheers‘, but it doesn’t mean that a show today could succeed. Just look at ‘Joey‘! Not the best…

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