Kevin Alejandro speaks about ‘True Blood’ role.

By on 14 June, 2010

Former Ugly Betty and Southland star Kevin Alejandro speaks about his latest role on the hit HBO show ‘True Blood‘- the third season premiered last night in the U.S.

In a candid interview with AfterElton Kevin spoke about his latest role as a mysterious stranger who gets romantically involved with Lafayette (played by Nelsan Ellis), and why he decided to play a gay character.

He said:

“Because it’s different. It was part of the appeal because I’m going straight from family man with kids, playing a detective in gang territory on [TNT’s] Southland. We thought it would be a really nice balance and challenge to go from that to Jesus [on True Blood].”

As a straight actor with a wife and a child, this isn’t the first time he’s played a gay role. He starred as a gay hustler on Big Love, and last year he took on as role as a gay cop in Southland…followed closely by a brief gay role (Anton) in the new Melrose Place series. He did however play the role of a Justin’s dad on Ugly Betty which featured a lovely scene where he stood up on a subway full of people to defend his ‘theatrical’ son – probably leading to where the actor gained the most fans from.

Click here for more on this interview – including the audition process, and how he feels about the racy feel of the series.

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