U.S ‘SHAMELESS’ will debut in January 2011.

By on 13 July, 2010

Showtime will premiere new series ‘Shameless‘ with William H. Macy, and will co-star alongside Emmy Rossum and Allison JanneyVariety reports.

The remake of the British TV series has been tweaked by exec producers John Wells and Paul Abbott, and will launch on the 9th January 2011 at 10 pm, in the States.

Macy will play Frank Gallagher, a heavy-drinking, working-class dad of six, and Rossum plays the eldest daughter who struggles to keep the house in order – in the absence of her father’s authority.

A few Blighty programmes have made their way over to the States, in the belief that audiences across the pond will flock towards the format – ‘The Office‘ is an example of a popular British export.

But will they like a U.S version of a gritty series? Will there be a many sex scenes as in the original? Because let’s face it, when you think of the Shameless you think of sex, booze, swearing, fights and…more sex!

We’ll find out in January!

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