Kutcher Appears With Cast Of ‘MEN’ At CBS Upfronts.

By on 19 May, 2011


Ashton Kutcher made his public debut as Charlie Sheen‘s replacement on sitcom ‘Two And A Half Men‘ on Wednesday (18th May 2011) when he joined co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones at a TV showcase event in New York!


The trio were unveiled at the CBS Upfronts and Kutcher compared his new gig to winning the lottery!


He said:

“In my 13 years of showbusiness, I have never received more calls and emails for getting this job.

“I always thought you surround yourself with the best and work your a** off, and I am surrounded by the best and I will work my a** off!”


Kutcher took over from fired star Sheen on the show, and it’s set to return after a lengthy hiatus later this year (2011).


I’m sure his first episode will be great!




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