Larry King Defends Piers Morgan’s Low Viewer Ratings!

By on 18 February, 2011

Newsman Larry King has defended his CNN talk show replacement Piers Morgan after his programme received poor ratings, and puts the low viewer figures down to too much hype ahead of its launch!

The 77 year old announced last summer he was leaving his nightly show and the British TV personality was revealed as the new host. Morgan dominated headlines ahead of the programme’s January 2011 relaunch – but his interviews have failed to win over as many viewers as King‘s chat show.

However, the veteran newsman has praised Morgan as “a fine broadcaster”, insisting the show may have been “oversold” to the American public.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, he says:

“I think he’s a fine broadcaster. I haven’t seen a lot, but the times I’ve seen, they have been fine.

“One of the problems they did was to oversell it – they said he was going to be dangerous, he was going to be water-cooler talk, it was ‘Wait till you see me, I’m different.’ Well, he’s good – but he’s not that dangerous. Maybe there’s one thing, he’s been oversold.”

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