LEA MICHELE Plots A Return To ‘GLEE’ As A Teacher!

By on 23 September, 2011


Actress Lea Michele has been plotting ways for her ‘GLEE‘ character Rachel Berry to return when she leaves at the end of season three, and thinks the former William McKinley High student may reappear in the show – as a supply teacher!


The 25-year-old actress is due to leave the hit musical series at the end of the third season, when her character Rachel graduates from High School. But Michele doesn’t believe it’s the end for her character, as she has thought about the ways she could come back.

She said:

“After I leave I would love to do many things. I’d love to go back to Broadway or do a film, or maybe comeback as a substitute teacher!”

“I could flunk! Which can happen. I can fail my classes, so I’m going to see how I feel and then decide. Obviously, I can’t be on the show forever but I think I look fairly young.”


Although her time on ‘GLEE‘ is fast approaching, she wants to enjoy every moment of her final series before she contemplates her next move, adding:

“I know what is coming for Rachel this season and I am so excited about that. I try not to get too ahead of myself and I am just focusing on what I have to do now. Thinking about life without Rachel Berry is pretty overwhelming. I haven’t really thought about that yet.”




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