Piers Morgan: “Judge Me In Six Months To A Year!”

By on 27 April, 2011

Piers Morgan has once again defended his CNN show against TV critics, and believes he needs six months to a year to successfully prove himself!

The media mogul, who replaced Larry King in CNN‘s primetime lineup, has fought back against growing criticism from TV columnists, who believe that his tenure at the cable news network will be shortlived.

In an interview with the Independent newspaper, Morgan says:

“This is a long-term game, and CNN looks at the big picture,”

“And I’ve always said judge me by how we settle down in between six months to a year.”

But several observers note that he is losing far more viewers than he’s gaining!

Robert Thompson, the much-quoted professor of television and the popular culture at Syracuse University, told the Independent that Morgan has:

“..no base. Some nights he does OK, but on others he’s in fourth place. That suggests people are watching his show for guests and not for him, and that’s a problem.”

On Tuesday 26th April, 2011, Nielsen Research said that during the March-April period ‘Piers Morgan Tonight‘ had its worst ratings since last year’s launch.

During my time in U.S. earlier this month, I accidentally stumbled across his show after aimlessly flicking through the channels. I admit to watching it for an interview he was doing with Robert Redford, otherwise I would have switched over to a different programme.

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