WEINER Close To A Two-Season MAD MEN Deal!

By on 22 March, 2011

AMC, Lionsgate TV and ‘Mad Men‘ series creator Matt Weiner are close to a deal to hopefully guarantee the show into a sixth series – according to Variety!

In light of the recent conversations, the situation is unclear as to when the fifth series is due to air (normally premiered in mid-summer), and production is likely to start as much as six weeks later than it has in recent years.

Talks have apparently been on and off for months with TV bosses struggling to lock  Weiner for two more seasons – taking it all the way through season six. Lionsgate‘s existing deal with AMC extends through season five.

Sources close to the situatution say there’s confidence at AMC that ‘Mad Men‘ will be on the air at some point this year!

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