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Julianne Moore stars as Sarah Palin in GAME CHANGE


Although there’s been talk about HBO‘s ‘GAME CHANGE‘ for a while, and they recently released a trailer for the forthcoming TV drama!


Starring Julianne Moore in the role of Sarah Palin, the trailer depicts the former governor of Alaska on her journey to her job as John McCain‘s vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party in the 2008 elections in the United States. The dramatisation shows Palin as a hapless puppet, who disappoints her fellow party members. It recalls some of her more embarrassing political moments – such as the time she told reporters that you could see Russia from the shores of Alaska – and follows her along the campaign trail, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Oscar-nominated Moore stars alongside Woody Harrelson and Ed Harris and the show is scheduled for release on the 10th March, 2012 in the United States. Tom Hanks served as executive producer on the project, which should draw in a sizeable number of curious viewers.


Adapted from a book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, the story has grabbed the attention of Palin who said it is “inaccurate” – which isn’t too much of a surprise!

Moore spoke to presenters on The View about working on the role, saying that she had to go through two and a half hours of make-up and said that it was tough portraying somebody so “well-known, so idiosyncratic and so present” and explained that she felt a responsibility to be accurate in that portrayal.


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