KAREN GILLAN “Relieved” To Be Leaving DOCTOR WHO?

By on 6 January, 2012


The public and critics have warmed Karen Gillan in her role as the current ‘Doctor Who‘ sidekick Amy Pond over the last couple of years. However, it’s now been revealed she’s set to leave the show – and she insists she couldn’t be more relieved!


The British actress has portrayed Pond, the feisty ginger-haired compadre of the Doctor from series five until seven since making her debut on the show in 2010, but as everyone knows…all good things must come to an end. But her exit wasn’t a complete surprise.

Speaking to Graham Norton on his talk-show, she said she was now looking at her future challenges following the announcement which she’d “known for ages”.

Gillan said:

“I have known for ages that I am leaving and it’s such a massive relief that it is out and I can speak freely about it. I’m back next year for a few episodes but it’s not actually confirmed when I go.”


Now Gillan is looking ahead to a role playing model Jean Shrimpton – something that’s got approval from the 60s siren herself!

The 24 year-old adds:

“She gave her consent to having it made but then didn’t want anything to do with it because she is quite reclusive.”

“But she saw it and she really liked it and left a voicemail saying she thought it was really accurate. That was the best compliment I could have got.”


I’m quite sad to see her go, but then I was when Billie Piper left too. Still…fans hopefully will be able to move onto the next companion soon enough!



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