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By on 14 August, 2013

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Rewind back 5 months ago to March and you will remember that the conversation on everybody’s lips for weeks was the hugely successful ‘Broadchurch‘. With a twisted ‘whodunnit’ storyline and mysterious characters, ‘Broadchurch‘ enthralled the country!

Now fast forward up to a few weeks back and on Channel 4, you will see an attempt of re-creating this. As soon as I saw ‘Southcliffe‘ advertised on Channel 4, I immediately knew that they were trying to jump on the mystery-village bandwagon, which includes previous dramas ‘Midsomer Murders‘, ‘Broadchurch‘, ‘Rosemary and Thyme‘ and the likes. Sadly, Channel 4 have not hit the nail on the head with ‘Southcliffe‘, in fact I think that the hammer fell out of their hand backwards.

Southcliffe‘ is a non-linear based story that tells of a series of shootings by a local man, the effects on the community and the reasons behind his actions. This is basically the story of the whole series, which is why the question of ‘Why channel 4?’ keeps going round in my head.

I can understand that Channel 4 wanted to create a series that keeps the nation talking but I think that commissioning a series that is so reminiscent of something so horrific that has happened in real life and so close to home is a low shot. I see no reason for Channel 4 to make a drama that contains such an immoral and sensitive storyline when there are so many other subjects that they could use. There is no real suspense or sense of adventure with ‘Southcliffe‘, which is why I am even more confused about the storyline. The audience already know who the crazy gunman is, only leaving them to find out why he did it, which in my opinion, does not need to be spread out over 4 episodes.

Not only is the storyline in bad taste, the incessant mumbling made it incredibly frustrating to try to follow what the characters were saying.

I for one will not be watching the rest of the series and a few words of advice to the Channel 4 commissioners, leave the murder and mystery storylines to ITV, because that is their forte, as you have now shown.

I think that this is what is known as “Cheap Telly”.


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