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By on 17 November, 2013

Nicholas McDonald performing on Week 6 of X FACTOR Live Shows - Great British Songbook

I got it right last week!! Abi went, thank goodness. I was shocked to read that allegedly in the voting, the second favourite after Sam Bailey (quelle surprise) is Nicholas!! Then Sam Callahan!!!! Bizarre. Who the heck is voting? Sam B is no surprise. But the other two?! Oh well.

This week the theme was the Great British Bake Off – sorry Songbook, which I take means songs written by British songwriters. And Dermot came out to that great British song The Fox by Ylvis (Norwegian). The show started with Hannah ‘banana’ Barrett who was tackling I Can’t Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. Hannah was in the bottom two last week and mentor Nicole was advising her to connect with the audience more. But for half of the performance she was up on a podium (?). In the end she got down and walked along the catwalk, getting closer to the folks; but as much as I love Hannah, I do wonder if we have seen all she has to offer. What she has to offer is fantastic and I’m positive she’ll have a career after this, but where the competition is concerned, she isn’t progressing at the same speed as certain other contestants.

LUKE FRIEND performing on Week 6 of X FACTOR Live Shows - Great British Songbook.
Luke Friend however showed a huge improvement after last week’s rather terrible rendition of Moondance. He sang Your Song by Elton John but the Ellie Goulding version (keep up). His voice sounded stronger and he kept in time with the music and I enjoyed his performance. I’m even getting used to his lion hair. Gary Barlow reckons it was Luke’s own version. He’s clearly forgotten the John Lewis ad from a few years ago.

Sam Bailey sang Something by The Beatles, which for me is up there in the top ten greatest songs ever written. The only other female singer I’ve ever heard sing this was Shirley Bassey; but there was no hint of Shirley in Sam’s voice. I have absolutely nothing to say, the woman is perfect. Last week I said she was the best ‘over’ the X-Factor had ever had. This week I’ll push the boat out and say she is possibly one of the best X-Factor contestants in any category. Ever!

ROUGH COPY performing on Week 6 of X FACTOR Live Shows - Great British Songbook.
The irritating Rough Copy were singing Viva La Vida by Coldplay. I remember One Direction singing this a couple of years ago and thinking how cute they were. I’m not sure RC will ever been quite successful as 1D, especially if that one keeps wearing bloody skirts. But it was an okay performance. I liked the fireworks coming out of their hands, and whilst they’re over the top and far too confident and hyper, they’re still not as annoying as Chris Martin.

SAM CALLAHAN performing on Week 6 of X FACTOR Live Shows - Great British Songbook.  TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!
Sam Callahan – bless him – decided to do Faith by George Michael, and even played the guitar. He went wrong as soon as he started playing, and even afterwards, the music sounded a bit weird and scratchy – like when the telly pixellates. The song suited his voice. His singing is weak but according to the papers, he’s in third place in the votes, so no matter what Gary Barlow says to him, the girlies love him. I’d have preferred it if he’d played guitar all the way through though, as it would have given him a bit more credibility. Gary was actually quite pleasant to him and admired him for his tenacity. I’m not sure if this was to be nice, or a tactic to make the audience stop feeling sorry for Sam and not vote for him.

I fear the end of the road beckons for Tamera. She sang Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey, because apparently she didn’t want to do Bohemian Rhapsody because it has a dark message (in other words – she couldn’t sing it). This was a terrible performance. She forgot her lyrics, sounded off-key and there is an air of defeat around her. Everything about Tamera smacks of fatigue, which is rather shocking given that she’s such a young girl. But maybe she doesn’t want it as much as she originally thought she did and she’s losing her motivation. Maybe it’s dying her hair blonde. I don’t know, but if you see the Tamera who performed in week 1 and the one who performed tonight, it is like a different person.

TAMERA FOSTER performing on Week 6 of X FACTOR Live Shows - Great British Songbook.
Nicholas McDonald sang Someone Like You by Adele. He actually put a bit of passion into his performance and for the first time ever, I could hear he had a really good voice; and for someone who has never had a girlfriend, he actually portrayed emotion really well. Gary reckoned that it wasn’t individual enough for him. For this read – Nicholas McDonald is competition for Rough Copy.

In a nutshell, I fear Nicole Skirtswinger will lose another act tonight (17th November, 2013). But let’s face it. Sharon Osbourne has won the whole blooming thing anyway, so they might as well give up now.


Predicted to leave: Tamera Foster


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