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By on 27 October, 2013

THE X FACTOR BLOG - 2013! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today.

Well, I really need to polish my crystal ball. In week one I predicted Shelley would go and she went last week instead; last week I predicted Abi. If she goes tomorrow, I’m clearly on some sort of time-lapse, psychically!

This week was Movie Week, and with every X-Factor theme night, my expectations were not high. They rarely stick to the brief, but ho-hum. On we go.

ROUGH COPY on X Factor 2013 Live Shows Movie Week! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!
First act on was Rough Copy, and I have to ask, who styles them? Seriously, who styles them? They look like extras from Gladiator set in the 26th Century, where Maximus visits a particularly camp drinking den for fighters. And they sang bloody Bryan Adams Everything I Do, accompanied by the obligatory X-Factor choir. The boys reckon they chose the song themselves – really? I’ll keep an open mind.

Sam Callahan sang U2’s All I Want is You, which is apparently from a film called ‘Reality Bites‘ (me neither). This is a beautiful song, but Sam’s voice isn’t strong enough to carry something as emotive as this. Does it matter though? He gets cuter by the week. I see Sam becoming a star after X-Factor, maybe not a superstar Stateside, but I predict some hit singles. And unlike some other contestants, he takes criticism very well.

Hannah Barrett sang Adele’s Skyfall, and it was the first performance of hers that didn’t blow me away. At least she didn’t sound as though she was singing about flying baby horses (YouTube the original), but there is something constrained and unemotional about this song that doesn’t suit Hannah. She’s at her best when she’s letting rip, and there are probably bigger and better Bond themes she could have sung. But there is so much potential in Hannah, one blip isn’t going to make much difference.

NICHOLAS MCDONALD singing ANGEL on Movie Week of X FACTOR 2013 Live Shows! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!
Anyone familiar with this blog will know that Nicholas McDonald is not my cup of tea. I don’t look at him and see pop star; he’s instantly forgettable and not helped by Louis Walsh giving him flipping Angel by Sarah MacLachlan to sing. This song always reminds me of Knitted Character Idol from ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp‘ (another YouTube it!). This is such a lame song that will only appeal to the grannies. He has a nice voice, but I still don’t get him. Bland Bland Bland. Ditto Abi Alton. She may have got through tonight, but that doesn’t mean she will be safe tomorrow. Last week she had a bad week, with the wrong song and her back injury and she was rewarded tonight by being able to play it safe. She sang Moon River, and fair enough she sang it very well, but she’s very limited and to me would appeal to people who consider Katie Melua cutting edge. I agree with Sharon that she is boring. I didn’t even feel sorry for her when she started crying. Show business is tough love, you’ve got to grow a backbone and learn to take criticism.

Miss Dynamix were up next, a shoo in after SiSi’s health scare last week, and instead of it making them stronger, they have come back weaker and defeated by internet comments, and their rendition of Dreams by Gabrielle (which film?) was poor. Their individual voices are pretty bad, but their harmonies are lovely. If they survive this week, I suggest they sing together at all times.

As brilliant as Sam Bailey is, I am growing a little tired of her singing only power ballads. This week gave us My Heart Will Go On – a song she last sang fourteen years ago, on a cruise ship that was on the brink of sinking! She looked and sounded lovely, but it was so cheesy, I was expecting a wind machine to kick in at any moment. It rather reminded me of a winning Eurovision performance, and I’d like to see her do something a bit upbeat. On saying that though, I do think Sam has a solid career in front of her.

KINGSLAND ROAD in Movie Week on the X FACTOR Live Shows 2013! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!
For some reason, Gary Barlow decided to get Kingsland Road to sing Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman with the musical arrangement from Could it be Magic by Take That (Gary’s getting a bit narcissistic about this whole boyband thing isn’t he?). They give it 100% but they still don’t sit with me. They got through last night, but they are still in my contenders for bottom two tonight.

Luke Friend sang Kiss From a Rose, taken from one of the ‘Batman Forever‘. His hair has been washed but it looked worse than ever; but it isn’t a hair competition. They let him play guitar this week and it suited him. At times his vocals are as weak as Sam C’s, but there is potential there and it’s a shame that ‘Fame Academy‘ isn’t still on, because I think he’s got it in him to be a songwriter, and they would have worked with him to develop that. But all being said, this was his best performance so far.

Is Tamera Foster really sixteen? I wasn’t that confident at Twenty Six?! She gave a fantastic performance of Listen by Beyonce, from ‘Dreamgirls‘; but Gary accused her of being like a contestant from ‘Stars In Their Eyes‘. That was a bit mean, because she is only sixteen and Beyonce is her idol, so she’s bound to channel her in some ways. Tamera’s a bit boring though – we all know she’s going to be a superstar yada yada yada. I like people who surprise me.

Miss Dynamix were in bottom two last night (26th October, 2013) due to the flash vote, and I predict joining them tonight will be Kingsland Road.


Predicted to leave: Miss Dynamix


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  2. Mark

    27 October, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    I think it will be Abi or Rough Copy as the other contenders in bottom two.

    • Ed Bonilla

      27 October, 2013 at 8:07 pm

      Having caught up on last night’s show, I think she could well be in the bottom two. For Miss Dynamix, their number might be up this week!

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