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By on 20 October, 2013

THE X FACTOR BLOG - 2013! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today.

Week two and we’re already beginning to see who the front-runners and rejects are. The judges are still being moderately friendly to one another, but the bickering has begun. I do feel a much better atmosphere on the panel this year though. Sometimes, last year, it was uncomfortable to watch.

The show opened with Sam Bailey, who looked amazing, but sung Feel My Love by Adele, which is another safe song (see last week’s performance). I guess they know who Sam’s audience is and the sort of songs they’ll want her to sing, but I’d still like to see her singing something a bit edgier. In contrast was Kingsland Road, the next act up. It was all ticker tape and bouncing, as they sang Marry You by Bruno Mars. The performance reminded me a little of early One Direction; but for me Kingsland Road are lacking something that 1D possess, and even I can’t put my finger on it; and for the fact they’re in the bottom two is an indication that people feel the same.


THE X FACTOR 2013 Live Shows - Week 2 Blog! TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

Sam Bailey on THE X FACTOR 2013 – Week 2 of the Live Shows

I really don’t get Nicholas McDonald. He’s a sweet boy with a nice voice, but I’m not sure why Louis ever chose him. To me he doesn’t have the X-Factor. He reminds me a little of Gareth Gates circa 2001; but what was fashionable then isn’t necessary relevant now. He sang She’s the One by Robbie Williams – surely a karaoke favourite? I fear for Nicholas in the long run.

Another one I can’t see making it to the end is Abi Alton. She has gone through on the flash vote, but we are only in week two. They got her singing the Sainsburys ad version of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and she sounded terrified. She was doing some sort of walking about dance thing with dancers and looked awkward. Abi is not a diva. She’s Nana Maskouri for the 21st Century, not Tina Turner.

Dermot spoke to James Arthur in the audience, and it’s reassuring to see that he still looks like a tramp who’s got a day’s work on a building site. Louis Spence was behind him and looked very excited. #bitofrough

Shelley Smith sang Single Ladies by Beyonce, and I hate to say this, and I know I will offend Beyonce fans, but it was the first time I ever understood the lyrics. Shelley still looks like a mum at a wedding, but she gives more of a performance than Sam Bailey, and was fun to watch. Gary didn’t like it, but Gary’s boring. Nicole thought it was “schweird” and Louis sees her in a West End production. And I agree with Louis!!

Miss Dynamix did not sing this week. SiSi Foster is nearly six months pregnant and has had a health scare. Within moments, certain newspapers were claiming this to be a publicity stunt, in view of MD being favourites to go tomorrow night. Honestly, some people have a conspiracy theory for everything. Hopefully SiSi will make a full recovery and the girls will sing next week.

Next up was Sam Callahan singing I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz – a song I find supremely irritating, but Sam is so cute he could sing Hurt by Johnny Cash and make it sound like something by S Club 7. His vocals were a lot better than last week. I don’t see him as a finalist, but I think out of Louis’ boys, he will be the one to go furthest. On the subject of annoying songs Tamera Foster was singing Beneath Your Beautiful by Emeli Sande and Labyrinth. I absolutely loathe that song (I’m a grammar nazi and surely it should be ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘your beautiful face/body etc’?). Anyway, I digress. Tamera’s very good and really does remind me of Rihanna; but I fear she is so good, she’s one of those ones who stagnate and never really improves and will go out in about week six.

Next up was Luke Friend singing Let Her Go by Passenger. With his Howard Donald circa 1995 hair, and Kimberley Walsh face, this boy is such a non-pop star. They had him styled in weird girls’ trousers, and for me, his performance was awkward. The judges disagreed with me. Ho hum.

A huge improvement came from Rough Copy, who were singing The Backstreet BoysI Want It That Way. I fear the show’s producers are shaping them up to be the new JLS, with a touch of Jodeci thrown in, but I have to say it worked. The styling was weird – one of them was wearing a gladiator skirt and roll neck jumper – WTF? But I enjoyed their performance, and if visa issues can be sorted out, I think the Americans would bloody love British boys doing an act like that. I predict good things for Rough Copy.


X FACTOR 2013 Live Shows - Week 2 - HANNAH BARRETT - TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

HANNAH BARRETT performing on Week 2 of the X FACTOR 2013.

For me, my current front-runner for the final is Hannah Barrett. She is the full package. Pretty but not stunning like Tamera, sweet-natured, has an excellent back-story, natural humility and a fantastic voice. Girls aren’t going to be intimidated by her and are going to pick up their phones and vote. She gave a stunning rendition of Beautiful by Christina Aguilera; and even though she messed up on the final chorus, she covered it so well, I doubt many people noticed.

So we now know that Kingsland Road are down to the final two. I got it wrong last week, and predicted Shelley to go. This week I predict joining Kingsland Road will be Abi.


Predicted to leave: Abi


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