MURDER, SHE WROTE Reboot Has Been Cancelled – For Now!

By on 22 January, 2014

Octavia Spencer Was Set To Star In Murder She Wrote Remake - TV News

Angela Lansbury will have cause for celebration today, after NBC reportedly stated that they will no longer be going ahead with plans to reboot the hit series ‘Murder, She Wrote‘. However, the network will apparently look into an alternative approach to relaunch the franchise in the future – according to Deadline!

The original show began in 1984 and ran for 12 seasons. It featured Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, a retired-schoolteacher-turned-mystery-novelist who decides to become a sleuth to help solve various murders in her hometown of Cabot Cove, Maine.

Desperate Housewives‘ scribe Alexandra Cunningham was earmarked to write and produce the reboot, alongside David Janollari. Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer was due to play the role of a hospital-administrator-turned-mystery-novelist-and-detective.


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