SHERLOCK – THE EMPTY HEARSE – The Most-Watched Episode (So Far)!

By on 2 January, 2014

Sherlock - The Empty Hearse - Most Watched Episode 2014 - TV News

Millions tuned in to watch the 90-minute episode, which saw Benedict Cumberbatch return as Sherlock Holmes. The big question on everyone’s lips … how the hell did he fake his own death?

The Empty Hearse‘, the first episode of ‘Sherlock‘ Season 3, was broadcast on BBC One on New Year’s Day (2014) and it opened with fantastic ratings, making this season opener the series’ most-watched episode ever in the UK! Overnight viewing figures show that 9.2M watched the many theories played out on-screen as to how Holmes survived his falling from a building at the end of Season 2, ‘The Reichenbach Fall, and to witness his emotional reunion with esteemed colleague John Watson (Martin Freeman).

The BBC provided a handful of teasing content to fans who have waited almost two years for the famous detective to return, and a mini-episode called ‘Many Happy Returns‘ has been viewed almost 2 million times – across the BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button and YouTube channels.

The next 90-minute ‘Sherlock‘ episode, ‘The Sign Of Three‘, will air in the UK on the 5th January, 2014, and U.S. viewers can look forward to watching it on PBS on the 19th January 2014.

For those who missed the mini-episode, you can watch it here!


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