SHERLOCK Series 2 Confirmed!

By on 10 August, 2010

The BBC will reportedly confirm details of a second series of ‘Sherlock‘ later this week, following consistently strong ratings for the drama so far.

Co-creator Steven Moffat and his wife, executive producer Sue Vertue, confirmed on BBC1 Breakfast this morning that plans were in motion for further 90-minute episodes. Moffat also told 5Live this morning:

“Of course it will come back.”

The ‘Doctor Who‘ writer and his collaborator on ‘Sherlock‘, Mark Gatiss, are meeting with BBC drama controller Ben Stephenson today to work out how many scripts they can commit to, and when they can work on them.

However, with Moffat committed to ‘Doctor Who for nine months of the year and currently developing his second series of the show, a BBC spokesperson said it was now simply case of “when, rather than if, Sherlock will return.”

Look out for more news as it comes!

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