DAMON ALBARN Hates TV Talent Shows!

By on 2 November, 2010

Singer Damon Albarn has admitted he hates watching reality TV competitions such as American Idol and The X Factor – because the contestants’ audition process is like going through an animal slaughter factory. 

The Blur frontman has followed in the footsteps of Sir Elton John and New Order‘s Bernard Sumner to take aim at Simon Cowell‘s talent shows, insisting talented young wannabes who participate are “sanitised” by producers and stripped of their originality.

In an interview with tabloid rag The Sun, he says:

“It’s not good because, though from time to time they may stumble across a beautiful voice, they put them through a food processor and make them fast food. A cow is definitely a more beautiful thing before it hits the hamburger factory.

“They do things to these kids. They play with their bodies and their faces. They just bleach and sanitise everything about them and that’s a very potent aspirational aspect of our society.”

But surely millions of viewers enjoy the show? Otherwise I’m guessing a good proportion would just switch off. Or maybe not?

Personally I’ve never been a fan of the boot-camp / audition process, but each to their own.

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