BBC Renews SHERLOCK For A Third Season!

By on 17 January, 2012

SHERLOCK Renews For A Third Season

Not wasting any time after the second season finale of BBC‘s ‘Sherlock‘ in the UK on Sunday (15th January,2012), creator Steven Moffat confirmed on Twitter that the channel has already ordered a third season! In fact they commissioned it around the same time they did the second. Woohooo!


Between 7.9 million and 8.8 million viewers (around a 30% audience share) watched all three movie-length episodes of the second season on BBC1 this month, which is a noticable improvement on the 7.5 million who tuned into the pilot episode in October 2010, making it the highest rated episode of the first season.

That leaves the question of when Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch will get the chance to get together to film the third season. After all, Freeman‘s tied up with ‘The Hobbit‘ and Cumberbatch with ‘STAR TREK 2‘, so don’t expect much movement on this until later this year.


U.S. viewers will get a chance to see the second season of ‘Sherlock‘ on PBS in May 2012!



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