BBC Not Happy With CBS SHERLOCK Remake!

By on 19 January, 2012

SHERLOCK BBC Upset at CBS Remake plans

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If a TV show does well, and is created by some of the most talented writers in the UK, then you can bet that the American networks will also try to snatch a piece of the pie. A perfect example is CBS’ plan to create a modern-day SHERLOCK HOLMES series, which doesn’t sound familiar at all. Does it?


BBC America is apparently “furious” with this ‘idea’, which has been called ‘Elementary‘ and has been penned by ‘Medium‘ writer Rob Doherty. This re-imagining has will involve Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s expert sleuth tackling complex crimes in present-day New York.


On hearing CBS‘ plans, BBC America chiefs branded the project as a “blatant… copy” of UK drama ‘Sherlock‘, according to tabloid paper The Mirror.

An unnamed source said:

“We want Sherlock to rate big in the States and this could take the shine off it.”


A “US TV source” defended the plans by saying:

“The success of Sherlock in the UK has been major factor of bringing Elementary to life. We believe this modern twist will appeal to viewers. We want fresh American faces in the role.”


Following the fantastic news that ‘Sherlock‘ is to be commissioned for a third season, creator Steven Moffat promised that new episodes will follow soon, stating:


“We’re making movies – those six films we’ve made could go in the cinema.

“You can’t factory produce that – it’s a different kind of show.

“So, when we’re good and ready – it won’t be that long – but when we’re ready, you’ll get the follow-up.”


Is an American version of ‘Sherlockreally needed?



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