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One thing us Brits should be proud of is that there are some great talented names who are flying the flag for good ole Blighty!


British actors, musicians, comedians and sports stars who have made it in the U.S. – from Ricky Gervais to the brand new Superman Henry Cavill – they have all made an impression on the American public, whether good or bad.

VOUCHERCLOUD, a UK money-saving website, has just launched in the U.S. and is now offering coupons and discounts to the American public. So to celebrate their launch across the pond, they have put together an infograph to give a nod to some of the most talented British people who have graced the U.S. shores. It also includes great British talent from the silver screen and musical legends.


Check it out to see if you think the best-of-the-best have made into this infograph.


An infographic by the team at vouchercloud



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    Nick Jago 9 years

    russell brand

  • comment-avatar
    Tim 9 years

    No CUMBERBATCH??? The guy is everywhere! And he’s undeniably British. The most British person there is, actually.

    • comment-avatar

      Agreed! There are a number of Brits who have made it in Hollywood, but I think it’s only since SHERLOCK aired in the U.S., and of course his amazing role in STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, that his name is now truly appreciated over there. Obviously us Brits are more than proud of yet another fantastic British export to Hollywood.

  • comment-avatar
    Borjy 9 years

    You forgot the most British guy in Hollywood right now, man- Cumberbatch! Wth. He’s Khan, Sherlock and Smaug!!!

    • comment-avatar

      Very true. At the time he only had his reputation in SHERLOCK to lean on, but now he’s most likely into the big bucks – where America and Hollywood (specificall) are concerned.

  • comment-avatar
    Jim 9 years

    Where in the world is BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH in this? The guy has made his mark in theatre (NT Live projection of his Olivier-award-winning role in Frankenstein in the States), television (Emmy nominated portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock) and his scene-stealing role in this year’s Star Trek?

    • comment-avatar

      No doubt he’ll be at the top of the list in Vouchercloud’s next poll of top BRITS in America – especially after his performance in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.