By on 15 November, 2012

ALEXANDER SKARSGARD Is TARZAN! - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

Helmer David Yates appears to have decided on who will play his lead in a loin cloth, in the upcoming re-imagining of ‘TARZAN‘ – according to Variety!


6’4″ blond hunk Alexander Skarsgard has emerged as the favourite for the role, ahead of British actors such as HenrySupermanCavill, Tom Hardy, and Charlie Hunnam – who were rumoured. As yet, no formal offer has been made.

Skarsgard will play the role of the Viscount of Greystoke, John Clayton III, who is asked by Queen Victoria to investigate a conflict in the Congo.


Other rumours include Samuel L. Jackson, is reportedly in discussions to play Civil War veteran and former mercenary George Washington Williams. He teams up with Clayton to stop an evil warlord.


Good choice for Tarzan? I think so 🙂



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