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TOMORROW’S NEWS was founded in 2010, from a news blog called The Daily Trinity that was originally created, and regularly updated, by Editor-in-Chief Edward Bonilla. Back then he believed that the latest entertainment news should be shared with the masses – and this should relevant to all countries around the world and it must, above all else, not be completely based on cheap gossip. Forward a few years, and TOMORROW’S NEWS is now one of the most popular go-to places for the latest entertainment news.

The types of stories you will find on here range from Film/TV casting news and production updates, through to who has been nominated and won awards, music news, TV and celebrity news. We now have articles and movie/TV reviews submitted by some of the most passionate entertainment fans out there today, and this our contributor base is still growing. Our readers can definitely expect is an honest account of what they have experienced or watched, without any sugar-coating!




The problem with any news story is that “..today it’s news, and tomorrow it’s wrapped around your fish and chips!” Like a bloodhound, Edward is always on the hunt for the latest news items. The types of articles that people will be talking about tomorrow, the day or week after.

We don’t claim to be fortune tellers, but the news you’ll find here is as fresh as a baker’s bread.




This is more than just a gossip site,  and our readers are likely to find news that will make them say “I never knew about that”. That’s our aim in every article that appears on this site.

We at TOMORROW’S NEWS believe in bringing in some clear principles – namely to bring honest and clear news, reviews and decent content.


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