Starring Julianne Moore and Clive Owen, in a new of adaptation Stephen King's novel.

Watch the first trailer for the TV adaptation of STEPHEN KING's LISEY'S STORY

Julianne Moore in LISEY’S STORY

We all know that Stephen King is the master of horror, and a new TV adaptation of ‘Lisey’s Story‘ doesn’t appear to disappoint. Now sometimes trailers can be better than the actual feature themselves, but we have a good feeling about this one. You can see what we mean by having a look at the trailer below.
Exec produced by J.J. Abrams, and starring Julianne Moore, Clive OwenDane DeHaan, Joan Allen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ron Cephas Jones, and Sung Kang, the story follows a widow (Moore) who is pursued by fans desperate for her late author husband’s final works.
The official blurb reads:
“Lisey’s Story is a deeply personal, pensive thriller that follows Lisey Landon two years after the death of her husband, famous novelist Scott Landon. A series of unsettling events causes Lisey to face memories of her marriage to Scott that she has deliberately blocked out of her mind.”

The original novel, in which the show is based on, was inspired by King‘s personal experience. After a stay in hospital, during which his wife redecorated his study, he returned home to find his stuff packed away in boxes, realising that one day someone will be sorting out all of his papers after his death.
As much as we won’t want art imitating life, we’re hoping a lot of the subject matter is pure fiction.
The eight-episode series will premiere globally on Apple on Friday 4 June, 2021.


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