Hugh Laurie Describes His Recent Recluse Behaviour!

By on 21 March, 2011

British actor Hugh Laurie says he refuses to leave his house to socialise on the Hollywood scene, because he’s “paranoid” he will be photographed!

The ‘House‘ star relocated Los Angeles when he began filming the hit TV series seven years ago, and admits he has become a virtual recluse ever since, leaving his home only to go to work on the hit show. Despite managing to successfully break into the American TV market, Laurie admits he has struggled to give up his privacy!

He tells UK’s The Times Magazine:

“I’m much more guarded, even paranoid. Pathetic really, but I operate in this horrible world of false names, dark glasses and wide-brimmed hats… I even had the windows of my car tinted because it just became so boring, trying not to get stuck at the front of the line at red lights. Everyone’s got digital cameras, and before you know it you’ve caused a hold-up.

“Truthfully, I pretty much don’t go out… Pick up the groceries or collect dry-cleaning? I haven’t done that stuff in years. Terrible of me. Terrible. But the last time I did try going to the supermarket, I was photographed and I hated it. I hate people peering at what I’ve bought, taking photos of what’s in my basket. I just hate it…

“You can’t go out and lead a normal life. You can’t just be yourself.”

And the star admits he even worries about being watched while he’s on set, adding:

“In the age of Facebook, Twitter and all the rest, it’s hard to confide in anyone. There’s this malevolent delight in spreading stuff. I might say something on set and two hours later, I’ll read about it on the net. It’s happened. The result is that I can’t be completely honest in any situation.”

Sounds like you’re on the wrong side of the Atlantic, Hugh?!

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  1. Kathy

    22 March, 2011 at 1:08 am

    What a shame he has to be a hermit. Of course, actors must accept public notoriety, otherwise no fans, and no sponsors for the shows. But why can’t fans act with a little more discretion and not treat actors as if they were zoo specimens? Have some common courtesy– ask before taking a photo of someone going about their private life. Better yet, have some class and don’t do it at all!! Just enjoy the scenery and savor the moment.

    • Ed @ Tomorrow's News

      22 March, 2011 at 10:58 am

      Hi Kathy! Very good point. Without the fans, there are no shows, which leads to no TV shows and no job!

      Because Hugh’s made a point of staying away from public life, this will now make him all the more attractive to the paparazzi. Personally I’m of the opinion where there needs to be a balance between being chased for pictures and autographs, and being left alone to live their lives how they choose.

      You’re right! He should just get out there and enjoy it while it lasts.