JUSTIN BIEBER Apologises After Misbehaving On A Plane!

By on 2 May, 2011

Teen sensation Justin Bieber was reportedly scolded by a stewardess on a flight to Melbourne at the weekend (30th April -1st May 2011) after misbehaving as the plane was preparing for take-off!

The 17 year-old pop superstar is currently touring Australia with his My World shows and boarded a plane in Sydney on Sunday (1st May 2011) to fly to the next stop in Melbourne. However, Bieber got in trouble with cabin crew when he apparently ignored requests to sit down as the plane making its way out onto the runway, prompting a female flight attendant to put him in his place.

The exchange was confirmed by Australian union boss Paul Howes, who was sitting behind Bieber on the flight.

In a series of posts on his Twitter page, Howes writes:

“I was sitting right behind him… he did say sorry after being quite naughty… He was a little naughty but did apologise and the flight attendant wasn’t out of order.”

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