By on 3 March, 2010

Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov will be reteaming to produce a bigscreen adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The history-horror hybrid book, which details the Great Emancipator’s secret battle with the undead, hit the shelves yesterday. Readers will see that story portrays the 16th president as an ax-throwing, highly trained vampire assassin – contrary to previous portayals of Lincoln.

Burton, whose Alice in Wonderland opens Friday, most recently collaborated with “Wanted” director Bekmambetov on the animated feature “9,” which they produced.

The pair optioned the rights to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with their own money and are financing development. Grahame-Smith will be putting pen to paper for the script.

Jim Lemley, who also produced “9,” will serve as a producer on the Lincoln pic.


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