CON AIR Sequel In The Works?

By on 26 January, 2011



Fans of ‘CON AIR might excited to know that helmer Simon West has confirmed he’s making plans to reunite with Nicholas Cage for a sequel – reports!

Cage played a convict caught up in a mid-air riot on a prisoner plane in the 1997 action-thriller, which also starred John Cusack and John Malkovich.
West, who directed the original, is now hoping to bring the cast back together to make a follow-up – 14 years after ‘CON AIR hit cinemas!

In an interview with, he says:

“I’d like to do… Con Air 2… It’d be great. It’s a matter of getting everybody together. There’s so many people involved and it’s about getting everybody to agree. But I’m going to bring it up to Nic. I’m going to put a bug in his ear about it. If the two of us want to do it, we’ll go after the others.”

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