Margot Kidder Believes Amy Adams Is Perfect For LOIS LANE!

By on 2 April, 2011

Margot Kidder says she’s overjoyed with the casting of her latest Lois Lane successor in the new Superman movie, believing newly-hired Amy Adams to be a “better actress” than she is!

The ‘Enchanted‘ star will play the intrepid journalist in director Zack Snyder‘s upcoming reboot of the comic book franchise, alongside Henry Cavill as the famous Man of Steel!

Kidder, who starred as Lane in ‘Superman: The Movie‘ in 1978 and three sequels opposite Christopher Reeve, has welcomed Adams‘ casting, and is convinced the Oscar nominee is perfect for the role.

In an interview with MTV, she said:

“She’s a brilliant, wonderful actress! She’s incredible. She’s an extraordinarily accomplished young lady – and gorgeous and full of energy and spirit. She’s so different from part to part, it’s going to be really interesting to see what she does with Lois.

“I think Amy Adams is so much better an actress than I am that I wouldn’t even for a second presume to give her any advice on the subject at all.”

Kate Bosworth is the most recent actress to play Lois Lane on the big screen, appearing in Bryan Singer‘s movie ‘Superman Returns‘. Most of you know by now that I’m not exactly thrilled by Bosworth‘s attempt – nothing personal against the actress herself.

I believe Adams could take Kidder‘s crown as the definitive Lois Lane. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves… It’s just a hunch!

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