ANNIE LENNOX Hints New Album May Be Her Last!

MUSIC NEWS: ANNIE LENNOX Hints Annie Lennox her new album may be her last!

Former Eurythmics star Annie Lennox has given the best hint yet that her new album might be her last, stating that she’s too happy to write new material!

Launching her new release Nostalgia in London earlier this week (8th September 2014), the singer revealed the album looks likely to be her “swan song”.

But when fans at a question-and-answer session voiced their disapproval to the news of her retirement, she appeared to retract her comment by saying:

“Every time I ever made an album with (Eurythmics bandmate) Dave Stewart I always said, ‘That’s the last’. And after that, with my own albums, it was, ‘That’s it! I’m never doing that again’. But I came back to it.”


Lennox admitted she’s “too happy” to write the torch songs she’s famous for, adding:

“It’s thanks to someone who will remain nameless, but who makes me very happy with life these days. A lot of my writing was cathartic because it was a very helpful way to get certain feelings expressed. Misery is a great catalyst for some extraordinary music but you don’t really want to live there 24/7.

“I’d rather be not successful and happy than be super-successful and absolutely miserable.”


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