Gallagher Puts Fatherhood Over Solo Material!

By on 10 September, 2010

Brit rocker Noel Gallagher won’t be in any rush to record his new solo material, because he’s preparing for one of his biggest challenges of all… The arrival of his new baby!

The Wonderwall hit singer stunned fans when he quit Oasis in August last year, following a fight with his singer brother Liam.

He has since confirmed plans to launch his own solo career, but unfortunately fans will have to wait until next year to hear his new material – because girlfriend Sara MacDonald is expecting their baby this month…and he’ll be busy concentrating on fatherhood.

Gallagher says:

“I’m moving house and my missus is nine months pregnant so I’m not doing anything until well into next year. I’ll be doing nappies and all that malarkey.”

Good luck with the impending arrival, Noel!

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