Madonna Doesn’t Like Being A ‘MATERIAL GIRL’!

By on 20 August, 2010

Pop queen Madonna is urging her fans to stop referring to her as the Material Girl, because she doesn’t regard herself as being materialistic.

The Hung Up singer is often called by the title of her hit 1985 single, but the singer has long wanted to drop the nickname as she doesn’t like the inference that she is obsessed with wealth.

She tells tabloid rag The Daily Star:

“Everyone relates that title to me because of the song I did like 300 years ago. It’s a title I got stuck with. When I first did the song it was meant in an ironic way, as I don’t think of myself as a materialistic person. I hate that name but I do love clothes and fashion and I love beautiful things.

“As the years went by strangers would see me in the street and shout, ‘Yo it’s the Material Girl!’ and I was like, ‘Ahh, I’m not. I hate that name.'”

But Madonna has accepted she will struggle to shake off her famous title, and adds:

“I realised I needed to get a sense of humour and embrace it.”

So if loving clothes, fashion and beautiful things (gadgets in my case)…then I guess that means I’m not materialistic. Right?

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