‘POWDER’ – An Energetic Rock ‘N’ Roll Journey On The Big Screen!

As this year’s music festival season begins to draw to a close, Red Union Films (the makers of ‘AWAYDAYS‘) brings you ‘POWDER‘ – a new rock ‘n’ roll movie that will be released in U.K. cinemas later this month (August 2011)!


This energetic and exciting story tells of a Liverpool four piece band called THE GRAMS, who manage to break into the tough and competitive U.K. music scene, and soon find themselves falling prey to the experiences and trappings of sex, drugs and band rivalries.


Adapted from the best-selling novel by Kevin Sampson (former manager of 90’s band The Farm), and filmed on location at the V Festival and Ibiza, ‘POWDER‘ features a host of young British acting talent – including Alfie Allen (‘Game of Thrones), Liam Boyle (‘Awaydays‘) and The Rascals band members Greg Mighall and Joe Edwards.

Together they form THE GRAMS, and STARSAILOR‘s James Walsh helps to give this fictional band an authentic identity by equipping them with an original soundtrack of songs – written and performed by Walsh!


The rockin’ ‘POWDER‘ soundtrack features 7 brand new tracks by Walsh (as THE GRAMS) and tracks by Transbad Saints (the band’s on-screen rivals), along with songs by Black Daniel and Joe Echo! You can get your copy of the soundtrack on digital download from the 22nd August, a few days before the movie hits cinemas on the 26th August, 2011!


The track-listing details are as follows:

1. The Grams – On Fire
2. The Grams – Desert Rain
3. The Grams – Here Come The Grams
4. The Grams – Letting Go
5. The Grams – Serpentine
6. The Grams – Keep It All Inside
7. The Grams – Letting Go
8. David A Hughes – Keva Sees Hannah (score)
9. Transbad Saints – Caught On Video
10. Transbad Saints – Bad Love
11. Transbad Saints – Wavelength
12. Transbad Saints – DNA (Rock Version)
13. David A Hughes – Freya’s Bar (score)
14. David A Hughes – Ibiza Pulse (score)
15. Claire Freeman feat. Mary Leay – High Flyer (Chilled Phazer Mix)
16. Claire Freeman feat. Joe Echo – Crystalline (Club Mix)
17. Scarlett & Viva – Bangin n Clangin
18. Black Daniel – Ivy
19. Black Daniel – I Love You But Don’t Touch Me Coz You’re Sick
20. Black Daniel – Here Comes Caesar
21. Black Daniel – Look Away Sancho
22. David A Hughes – Ticky Enters The Sea (score)


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