By on 19 January, 2007

Source: World Entertainment News Network

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m glad Sylvester Stallone won’t be doing anymore Rocky movies…and am sure even the fans will agree.

The 60 year old actor wanted to make one last Rocky movie to protect the series’ legacy…and insisted that the story of the underdog boxer is now finished.

When discussing the possibility of a seventh instalment, Stallone said;

“No! Definitely not! When he says, ‘Yo Adrian, we did it!’ he means we’re done. We lived the life. I’m a big believer that, in life, we can’t succeed in everything.

“Most times, we lose. But the few times we do win, we have to make sure they were important battles. Lose the little ones along the way, sure, but make sure you win the ones that relate to love and relationships and major personal passions.

“I just want Rocky to be remembered – for the legacy he leaves behind. For running up the steps and the music. People really do run up those steps, y’know. For inspiration.”

Well said Sylvester, and a wise choice!

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