Lee Praises Garfield As The “Perfect” SPIDER-MAN!

By on 19 January, 2011

SPIDER-MAN creator Stan Lee has praised the web-slinger’s latest incarnation Andrew Garfield, and says he’s the “perfect” replacement for Tobey Maguire!

The British actor has been chosen to take over from Maguire, who left the franchise last year after starring in three Spider-Man movies.

The new flick will be a prequel to the previous installments, and Spider-Man mastermind Lee is happy with the decision to hire 27-year-old Garfield to play Peter Parker and his superhero alter-ego.

He says:

“Looks just perfect to me. How he manages to look so young, I wish he’d teach me the secret.

“If you go back to Spider-Man as a teenager and you get a different actor, it might be that the audience will accept that more readily.”

I’m confused. Didn’t Lee say the same thing about Maguire, once upon a time?

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