‘Lethal Weapon’ To Return Without Mel Gibson?

By on 20 January, 2011

Movie bosses are reportedly pressing ahead with plans to reboot Mel Gibson‘s ‘Lethal Weapon‘ franchise with a new cast, after the actor refused to take part – according to Deadline.com.

Gibson cemented his place in Hollywood with his role as a cop in the 1987 original, and he reprised the role for three sequels. Rumours of a fifth movie in the series emerged in 2008, but director Richard Donner revealed Gibson had turned down the chance to star in another installment, prior to recent legal woes with his ex.

A new report now suggests plans for ‘Lethal Weapon 5‘ are still going ahead, with movie exes hiring screenwriter and former Los Angeles police officer Will Beall to create the plot for a new cast.

Sherlock Holmes‘ producer Joel Silver is behind the reboot.

Does anyone think this new movie has any chance of success, without the original cast? Mel Gibson‘s reputation aside, to have a ‘Lethal Weapon‘ movie without him just seems wrong.

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