CHRISTOPHER NOLAN Confirms “No” Fourth BATMAN Movie!

By on 10 June, 2012


Dark Knight‘ helmer Christopher Nolan appeared at the Producers Guild of America’s Produced By Conference on Saturday (9th June, 2012) in Culver City, and confirmed what he’s always thought and mentioned in interviews previously. Firstly that he isn’t keen on digital, and secondly that ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ will be his last Batman flick!


Appearing with his wife and producing partner, Emma Thomas, he spoke about the quality of film being used in cinemas today and believes his ways are old school in terms of opting for traditional filming techniques over the use digital methods.

He said:

“I want to work with the best possible image quality, and that’s film.

“Film has the most range, the highest resolution by far. But you won’t hear that, because there’s no money in sticking with the old format.

“There’s a huge danger to this, and it’s being motivated by economic pressure.”


Expanding on the push towards the fashion of digital moviemaking, he adds:

“We’re seeing an incredibly rapid and precipitous shift based purely on the economics of production

“We’re being forced to buy [digital] cameras like they’re iPads or iPhones, but that’s not what’s best for the audience.”

“I went to a theater last weekend, and they were showing ads for TV shows on the screen. They really are treating it like you’re sitting there in your living room. We’re reducing it to 2K [digital] projectors that show ads for TV shows, and that runs the risk of devaluing what we do as filmmakers.”


But he isn’t completely discounting this method, as he states:

“When it is as good as film and makes economic sense, I’d be completely open to it.”


Despite his direct opinions on the digital movie revolution, he didn’t give much away when he was asked about a fourth Dark Knight movie, except for a simple and clear response of “No”.

When Nolan was asked why, he said:

“Mainly, because I’m superstitious, but I said to my brother [and sometimes-writing-partner Johnathan Nolan] that I didn’t want to save anything. We’re never on a specific trajectory, but I always viewed Bruce Wayne’s story in three parts.

“I didn’t want to hold anything back. I think you learn so much from the audience. You don’t know what you’ve made until you’ve put it out there.”


So, there you have it folks. Make sure you make the most of ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ when it’s released next month (July, 2012)!



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