Lee Ryan Disappointed Over Low Record Sales.

By on 12 July, 2010

Every musician knows that getting your new single into the Top 10 is no easy task, and no-one feels this more than Lee Ryan.

The pop star came in 33rd place on the singles charts last week (ends 11th July 2010) with his double-sided release I Am Who I Am / Secret Love, his first new solo work since 2007.

Ryan was expected to put out his album Confessions in October this year, but he claims executives at Geffen have decided not to go through with the release due to his disappointing sales, and he’s convinced he would’ve had better success if more copies of the CD were made available in retail stores.

In a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, he writes:

“Really upset, 33 ain’t terrible but I thought it would of done better! The album is so good it’s a shame it won’t be out now! Only released 2000 copies! Most of the fans said they couldn’t get it, not everyone downloads?

“They just won’t release (the album) now. I’m just gonna put it on the internet and the let the fans get it for free! F**k em!!!”

But Ryan has good news to cheer him up – he’s reuniting with his former boy band Blue to record new material. Maybe this will prove more successful for him?

He adds:

“Blue are getting back now and start recording now, tour will be next year!”

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