Tunstall Credits Busking For Making Her A Stronger Performer!

By on 20 January, 2011

Rocker KT Tunstall has credited busking with making her a more “aggressive” performer, because she always played guitar “hunched over” on a chair before taking her talents onto the street!

The Suddenly I See chart-topper learned how to play the guitar at school, before completing her education in the U.S., where she first started performing free gigs for commuters in Vermont.

And the musician is thankful she had to perform on street corners, because she finally learned to play while standing up.

Speaking to The Independent on Sunday, she says:

“Busking helped my playing a lot. It definitely made me a more aggressive player. At first I couldn’t play standing up, ‘cos you learned guitar sitting down, hunched over, staring at what you’re doing.

“My mum used to pop in the pub if I was doing gigs and go, ‘Can’t you stand up?’ ‘Shut-up, mum!’ Now I find it hard playing sitting down.”

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